PP Riau Threatens SSK Airport Seals II Reject Declaration # 2019 Change President

LAMANRIAU.COM, PEKANBARU – Riau Youth Pancasila Community Organization (PP) threatens to seal Pekanbaru’s Sultan Syarif Kasim (SSK) II Airport, if the #2019 Presidential Declaration continues, on Sunday (26/8).

Deputy Commander of the Core Mahatidana Command of the Pancasila Youth (PP) Riau, Renaldi asked the police not to give permission to the event organizers. If the police still give permission, then it threatens to seal the airport.

“We will spend the night at the airport so that they (Neno Warisman and Ahmad Dhani) will not leave,” said Renaldi, in front of the Riau Police Headquarters, Tuesday (8/21) afternoon.

For information, Declaration # 2019Ganti This president is planned to be attended by a number of national figures. Like Neno Warisman to Ahmad Dhani. In addition, an estimated 20 thousand people were present.

“The event will only divide the people of Riau. If so far, the people of Riau are getting along and the atmosphere is also conducive. That’s the only thing that is feared,” he explained.

In addition to PP, other organizations reportedly will also refuse the event. Is the Riau Nias Family Association represented by Sefianus Zai. Zai, who at the same time also visited the Riau Regional Police together with Pemuda Pancasila, considered that the activity was full of political content and violated the rules.

“This is not yet a campaign period and is full of political content. We are afraid of friction in the community,” he said.

Separately, the Director of Intelligence of the Riau Police, Sr. Comr. Trijan Faisal said, so far his side had not received a crowd permit from the organizer of the # 2019 Declaration of Residence. The letter has just entered the Pekanbaru Police.

Later, with the frequent pros and cons of this event, it will evaluate and consider. “Later we decide whether to be given permission or not. Or just receive a notice from them that they will carry out activities,” he said. (jpc)

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