Riau Residents Still Lack 218 Thousand Housing Units


LAMANRIAU.COM, PEKANBARU – According to data at the Housing and Settlement Area (PKPP) Riau Province, Riau currently needs 218 thousand houses. That is the number of people who need a house in Riau.

This was explained by the Head of the Housing and Settlement Area Office of Riau Province Muhammad Amin, according to him for Indonesia there were 11.3 million units lacking houses.

“If we are deprived of 218 thousand in Riau, we need a house to be built, people who need this house are spread in Riau,” Muhammad Amin said.

When asked which areas the people in need of the house, according to Muhammad Amin, the dominance of the people in urban areas and most in the coastal areas of Riau.

“Many urban areas are due to the high migration to the city. But in the coastal areas there are also many more,” said Muhammad Amin.

According to Amin, the government’s obligation is to provide homes for its people, not to be able to help with housing for free, but can also provide housing in the form of subsidies.

As with the program from the central government, namely the one-million-home program in the country, this program also continues to facilitate the community, especially the low-income people.

“The target is the low-income people, there are housing subsidies built for Riau as well as quite a lot,” Amin explained. (trc)

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