Teenagers in Riau Kill Boyfriends Use Hoes for Refusing Relationship with the Body

LAMANRIAU.COM, PEKANBARU – YP (19) a teenager in Kandis District, Siak Regency, Riau, had the heart to kill his girlfriend, DS (14). The victim was killed because he refused to be invited to have sex with the perpetrator.

The motives and causes of the killings were revealed after police from the Siak Police Criminal Investigation Unit (Satreskrim) and Kandis Police succeeded in arresting YP.

“The suspect was arrested on Sunday, August 18, 2109, in Papala Pondok 2 Hamlet in Bekalar Village, Kandis District, Siak,” said Siak Police Chief Public Relations Officer Bripka Dedek Prayoga, Monday (8/19).

According to Dedek, initially the perpetrators invited victims to have sex. However, the victim refused so the offender felt hurt. The perpetrator then mistreated his girlfriend by using a hoe. As a result, the victim suffered injuries to the head and back.

After that, the perpetrator raped his girlfriend who at that time was covered in blood. Dedek said the revelation of the case began with the discovery of a dead woman’s body in an empty hut in Simpang Belutu, Belutu Village, Kandis District.

The victim’s body was first discovered by a witness named Tumiran (49), who was about to take a rickshaw in his hut. The witness then reported to the head of the local RT and then reported to the Kandis Police Station.

“In the investigation, the perpetrators were found to have fled to Telaga Sam Sam Village, Kandis and sold the victim’s cellphone,” Dedek said.

After selling the victim’s cellphone, the perpetrator went to the Tapung District area, Kampar Regency, to watch public entertainment in order to enliven the 74th Indonesian Independence Day.

After that, the perpetrators returned to Kandis District and stopped to drink coffee at a security post in Bekalar Camp. At that time the perpetrators were arrested by the police. To the police, the perpetrator confessed to having killed his girlfriend.

“The perpetrator is dating the victim. The perpetrator claimed he just met through Facebook for about a week,” said Dedek.

Dedek said, before committing the murder, the perpetrators picked up the victim at his home in Libo Jaya Camp, Kandis. They then traveled by motorcycle.

In the afternoon, the perpetrator took the victim to an empty cabin. When just the two of them, the perpetrators’ bad intentions arise to invite the victim to have sex.

“The victim refused to be invited to have sex, then tried to escape. The perpetrators then chased the victim with a hoe and hit the victim. After that the victim was raped,” said Dedek.

The perpetrators are currently still undergoing examinations at the Kandis Police Station. Evidence that was secured in the form of a hoe, a cellphone belonging to the victim and a motorcycle unit belonging to the perpetrator. (kpc)

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