Already 826 Riau Residents Attacked by Respiratory Disease Due to Smoke Fog

LAMANRIAU.COM, PEKANBARU – The haze of forest and land fires has had an impact on public health. The Riau Provincial Health Office noted that 826 people were attacked by acute respiratory infections (ARI).

This was conveyed by the Secretary of the Riau Health Office, Yohanes, Wednesday (31/7). “The data we received at this time is Pelalawan 582 visits, Bengkalis 57 visits, and Rohil 187 visits. In total 826 people,” said Yohanes.

He said, this number is the period of July. However, there are still health offices in the regencies and cities that have not sent reports of sufferers of ARI. “Districts and other cities have not sent reports,” he said.

He admitted that ARD patient visits had increased. But it’s not too significant. “As I said in the forest fire emergency response coordination meeting on Monday (29/7) yesterday, there was an increase, but it was not significant. For example, in one puskesmas there were only one to two people,” said Yohanes.

As is known, since the last few days a number of areas in Riau have been exposed to smog due to peatland fires. The areas exposed to smoke, Pekanbaru City, Pelalawan Regency, Indragiri Hilir, and Rokan Hilir.

Previously, the haze of the disaster of forest and land fires enveloped four regions in Riau, Tuesday (30/7). This condition is based on monitoring by the Pekanbaru Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG).

Yasir Prakirawan BMKG Station, said, four areas were hit by the karhutla smog, namely Pekanbaru City, Pelalawan Regency, Indragiri Hilir and Rokan Hilir. “From the results of our monitoring, indeed this morning at 7:00 a.m., the hotspot is already quite a lot. So, smoke has been observed in the Pekanbaru area. Our observations, visibility at 08.00 WIB, has been 5 five kilometers,” Yasir said.

In addition to Pekanbaru, he said, the regions of Pelalawan Regency, Indragiri Hilir and Rokan Hilir, were also fogged with smoke due to the effects of karhutla. “Indragiri Hilir, Pelalawan and Rokan Hilir regencies, this morning have the highest number of hotspots,” Yasir said.

He continued, Riau region detected 60 hotspots or hotspots in Riau, Tuesday morning, at 07.00 WIB. This number has increased from before. “Most in Pelalawan 30 points, Rokan Hilir 8 points and Indragiri Hilir 15 points,” Yasir said.

In addition to the three regions, 2 hotspots spread in Bengkalis Regency, 1 point Kampar, 1 point Kuansing, 1 point Siak, 1 point Siak and 2 points Indragiri Hulu Regency.

“For 70 percent confidence as many as 33 points, spread in Bengkalis Regency 2 points, Kampar 1 point, Pelalawan 19 points, Rokan Hilir 5 points, Indragiri Hilir 5 points and Indragiri Hulu 1 point,” Yasir said.

The head of the Riau Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD), Edwar Sanger, did not reject the Pekanbaru area covered in smog. (kpc)

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