Potential Rain in Riau for The Next 4 Days

Hujan yang mengguyur Riau menandai berakhirnya status darurat pencemaran udara.

LAMANRIAU.COM, PEKANBARU – Sultan Syarif Kasim Airport (SSK) II Pekanbaru Meteorological Station, Riau Province predicts the potential for rain in the area will occur in the next three to four days with mild and moderate intensity so that it will reduce karhutla smoke.

“The people of Riau Province and especially Pekanbaru can now feel relieved after Wednesday morning to noon in a few minutes of rain, after undergoing a smoke emergency status,” said Sukisno SP, Head of the Pekanbaru SSK II Meteorological Station in Pekanbaru on Wednesday.

He said the weather conditions for the next few days and at this time, the wind blows from east to west, then convergence occurs in Riau or air meetings that process the formation of rain. In addition, air labelity supports the formation of rain, it is estimated that Riau will be hit by rain in the next three or four days.

“Even though the rain began to fall, we still urge people not to burn and forest because the impact is quite large and affects all activities,” he said.

Also read: Karhutla smoke is reduced, Pekanbaru Airport flights return to normal He explained based on monitoring on Wednesday, at 16:00 WIB, generally the rain that occurred was mild even though it was raining with moderate intensity in Kuala Kampar, Pelalawan Regency.

Mild intensity ranges from 1-20 millimeters, while 51-100 millimeters, very thick over 100, but it will not happen in Riau in the next few days. For visibility on Wednesday afternoon in Pekanbaru recorded eight kilometers, Indergiri Hulu Regency four kilometers, Dumai City 10 kilometers, Pelalawan Regency seven kilometers.

Active hotspots in a number of areas at 16:00 WIB at a level of confidence above 50 with 89 hotspots as a sign of forest and land fires, with Sumatra as the most. In South Sumatra Province 30 hotspots, Jambi (23), Lampung (15), Bangka Belitung (7), North Sumatra (4), Bengkulu (3), and Aceh (2).

“As for the hotspot condition in Riau, it has been recorded that five hotspots have been recorded, namely originating in Dumai City, there are four locations and Pelalawan Regency has one hotspot. In general, hotspots in Riau have decreased,” he said.

He added to the concentration or air quality in the city of Pekanbaru at 16:00 with good criteria or with a value of 47 micrograms per cubic meter. (ant)

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