Air Army Disperses Forced Road Blocker Mass to SSK II Airport

The crowd was disorganized after the Airborne Army reacted to disperse it.

LAMANRIAU.COM, PEKANBARU – Dozens of people held an action two hours ago and blocked the access road to Pekanbaru’s Sultan Syarif Kasim Airport (SSK) II on Saturday (8/25).

The dissolution began with the provocation of the TNI AU apparatus tasked with guarding the road fence to the airport. Masses that have been blocked are constantly beating iron fences using wood and other hard objects. The wooden punch allegedly involved an Indonesian Air Force soldier. He immediately chased after the hitter.

The reaction of an Indonesian Air Force soldier immediately ignited another soldier. They immediately rushed after the crowd of road blockers. The masses did not give a fight. They immediately ran scattered to Sudirman road.

The crowd then guarded the masses from returning to the airport access road. So far the masses have not dared to return.

This brutal mass itself is a sympathizer who rejects the plan to hold the # 2019 Declaration of President’s declaration. The activity itself will take place in Pekanbaru on Sunday (8/26).

The crowd deliberately blocked the access road to the airport to block the presence of activists # 2019. Then the Ustadz Neno Warisman president was present in Pekanbaru. (rtc)

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