Dozens of Honey Bear Tails in Riau Slaughtered

LAMANRIAU.COM, PEKANBARU – A total of 43 sun bears in Riau Province were slaughtered to get fangs. This is evidenced by the findings of 172 fangs of long-hoofed animals by officers of the Sultan Syarif Kasim II Pekanbaru Airport some time ago.

Hundreds of honey bear fangs were sent using the services of a JNE expedition company. From the address listed, the shipper uses the 26x20x14 centimeter cardboard box from Pekanbaru to West Jakarta.

“It was alleged that the address was fake to trick the officers, confiscated goods were handed over to the Pekanbaru Agriculture Quarantine Center,” explained General Manager of PT Angkasa Pura II Jaya Tahoma Sirait, Wednesday (8/5).

Jaya said, the officers began to be suspicious when examining the cardboard using written X-rays containing food. When opened, officers found dozens of plastic wrap containing animal fangs.

“This package also has no quarantine documents, then it is submitted to the Pekanbaru Agriculture Quarantine Center,” Jaya said.

Head of the Pekanbaru Agriculture Quarantine Agency, Rina Delfi, said that her party had identified the morphology early and suspected that the confiscated object was a honey bear fang. It also conducted further testing at the Biology Research Center-LIPI, Bogor.

“The LIPI researcher then strengthened the initial identification, this fang belongs to the animal named Latin Helarctos malayanus,” Rina said in her office.

Rina stated, sending honey bear fangs without a certificate violated Law (Law) No. 16 of 1992 concerning Animal, Fish and Plant Quarantine and PP No. 82 of 2000 concerning Animal Quarantine.

In article 6 of the Law, it is explained, every media carrying quarantine animal pest (HPHK) must be equipped with a health certificate from the area of origin for animals, materials of animal origin and products of animal origin.

“Furthermore, it was reported and submitted to the quarantine officer for quarantine actions,” said Rina.

Rina said that 156 sun bear tusks had been submitted to the Riau Center for Natural Resources (BBKSDA) for further action. While the rest will be used as archival samples.

“Because there are also used for testing at LIPI. Furthermore, good cooperation with the airport continues so that illegal goods do not circulate in the community,” said Rina.

Meanwhile, Head of Technical Division of Riau BBKSDA Mahfud said that the investigation into the massacre of 43 sun bears would be handed over to the Sumatra Ministry of Environment and Forestry Law Enforcement Center.

According to Mahfud, a sun bear cannot be taken when its fangs live. He also suspected that the extraction of fangs was carried out by illegal hunters who were still roaming freely in Riau.

“Humans feel arrogant and more entitled to live, even though this bear is also a creature of God, maintaining the balance of nature is also protected,” said Mahfud condemned the massacre of the bear.

Mahfud explained, the distribution of honey bears in Riau is evenly distributed in every regency and city. There is no doubt that conflicts often occur with humans, where honey bears are always victims.

Mahfud gave an example in the case of Indragiri Hilir Regency a few years ago. At that time there were four bears entangled and eaten by some local residents. This case leads to law enforcement.

“This canine case is also intentional, if the perpetrators are caught, they will face a five-year prison sentence and a fine of IDR 100 million, but this is not comparable in terms of ecology,” explained Mahfud.

Mahfud hopes that this case will be the last time in Riau. He did not want the existence of a sun bear to only be left to the story of posterity in the future.

During this time, some people consider having sun bear fangs have its own properties. Usually used for treatment, amulets, shamanic practices to the runners and carriers of charisma for the wearer.

This, said Mahfud, is only a myth. So far there has been no medical knowledge that can prove the usefulness of the sun bear’s flesh or fangs.

“Maybe the veterinarian knows more about the use of these fangs,” Mahfud said.

It’s just that, added Mahfud, the price of honey bear fangs is of high value if associated with myths. The same is true of the price of tiger whiskers taken when the stripe is still alive.

“But is it possible to take it when the bear lives. Even though its value is high but it is not balanced with the ecology that is caused,” explained Mahfud. (lpc)

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