Five Elephant Special Tunnels Built on Pekanbaru-Dumai Toll Road

Workers are active in the Pekanbaru-Dumai Toll Road project site, in Riau Province.

LAMANRIAU.COM, PEKANBARU – Unlike other projects, the Pekanbaru-Dumai Toll Road is considered very special. Not only includes the national strategic project (PSN) in the Trans-Sumatra Toll network, but is designed to accommodate the biodiversity of Sumatra Island or Sumatra Biodiversity.

The head of the PUPR Toll Road Regulatory Agency (BPJT) Danang Parikesit said that this freeway project would be equipped with five elephant tunnels.

“Elephants are one of the riches in the Sumatra Biodiversity. We will make a special tunnel for them to cross,” said Danang.

This tunnel, he continued, was mainly built in elephant pockets such as Balai Raja, Pinggir Sub-District, Siak Regency. The Balai Raja area was identified as part of the Section IV and V. Pekanbaru-Dumai Toll Road here. There are still 25 elephants.

“Tunnels are built so as not to disturb their habitat,” added Danang.

PT Hutama Karya (Persero) as a Toll Road Business Entity (BUJT), according to Danang, has coordinated with the Directorate General of Highways, Riau Natural Resources Conservation Center (BBKSDA), and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to build elephant crossing lines.

The crossing needs to be designed with due regard to natural habitat, corridors and transit spaces for elephants.

The Pekanbaru-Dumai toll road stretches 131.48 kilometers. The Toll Road Concession Agreement (PPJT) was signed on April 20, 2016. Divided into 6 sections, namely Section I along 9.5 kilometers connecting Pekanbaru-Minas. Its development is around 50.85 percent.

Then Minas-Petapahan-Kandis Selatan Section II is 24 kilometers long with 39.47 percent.

Furthermore, Section III of North-Kandis Farm stretches 17 kilometers with stages of construction of 47.33 percent.

Section IV of South Kandis-Duri is 26 kilometers long, construction progress is 30.70 percent. Then, Section V of Duri Selatan-Duri Utara was 28 kilometers long with 24.06 percent physical construction.

Finally, Section VI Duri Utara-Dumai stretches for 25 kilometers with physical growth of 37.59 percent.

The toll road investment is worth Rp. 16.2 trillion. Overall, the construction progress of the Pekanbaru-Dumai Toll Road reaches 37.12 percent.

“Later, the existence of this toll road will cut travel time from 5 hours to only 2 hours,” Danang finished. (kpc)

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