Ngatini Elephant in Buluh Cina Tourism Park Gives Birth

LAMANRIAU.COM, PEKANBARU – Sumatran Elephant in Taman Wisata Reed China, Kampar Regency named, Ngatini gave birth, Friday (3/7/2020). The calf was then given the name Damar.

The calf is male and weighs up to 50 kg. His condition was healthy and began to suckle to his mother Ngatini. A 22-year-old female elephant also appeared healthy after giving birth to Damar.

The Head of the Riau Natural Resources Conservation Center (BBKSDA), Suharyono immediately reviewed Damar’s current conditions.

He came with a veterinarian team to check the health condition of the calf. They also provide vitamins to increase endurance, increase blood and appetite.

“We have been waiting for the arrival of this calf. So we are very happy,” he said during the visit.

Suharyono said that the one who gave the name to the elephant was Riau Governor, Syamsuar. The name is taken from the name of the Meranti Tree type.

Suharyono said that the birth of an elephant child called Taman Reed China as one of the conservation areas in Riau Province that supports the preservation of protected wildlife.

He considered that the presence of Damar was a form of seriousness in preserving the Sumatran Elephant in Riau. (RAL)

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