Dumai Customs Thwarts Drug Smuggling from Malaysia

Dumai Customs
Evidence of narcotics in the type of crystal methamphetamine caught by the Dumai Customs.

LAMANRIAU.COM, DUMAI – The smuggling of 50 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine from Malaysia was successfully thwarted by the Customs and Excise Supervision and Service Office (KPPBC) Team of Middle Type B Dumai Customs. Two of the perpetrators were also arrested.

The illegal goods were successfully secured when they were smuggled through the Rupat area, Bengkalis Regency from the neighboring country.

Meanwhile, the two perpetrators caught by the officer with the initials SA were residents of Pangkalan Sesai Village, West Dumai D istrict. Then RA is the controller. He is a member of the Bengkalis D istrict Penitentiary.

Head of KPPBC Type Madya B Dumai, Fuad Fauzi in his press conference explained that the arrest started from the information and profiling analysis of the KPPBC TMP B Dumai Team in the last few weeks.

“We know that there will be NPP shipments with this type of methamphetamine from Klebang Beach, Malaysia to Dumai,” he said, Tuesday, November 10, 2020.

Then, on Wednesday, November 4, 2020. officers from the KPPBC TMP B Dumai Enforcement and Investigation section coordinated with the Riau Regional Office of DJBC. POMAL Dumai and the BNN Interdiction Directorate through the Dumai Integrated Interdiction Post.

After this coordination, the joint team conducted marine patrols using the Customs and Excise Patrol boat, namely BC-15019. At around 20.04 WIB that day, officers saw a speedboat going to the Tenggayun beach area, Bandar Laksmana D istrict, Bengkalis Regency.

Because they were suspicious, the officer then chased after the Speedboat which was known to be driven by the two people. “When we were chasing the two perpetrators, they jumped into the Telaban Kecil river in the Tanjung Leban area, Bandar Laksamana, Bengkalis Regency and then fled into the mangrove forest,” he explained.

Meanwhile, from the speedboat left by the officers, the officers secured 3 bags which were suspected of containing NPP type Methamphetamine and the identity and cellphone of the perpetrator.

“In the end, we divided the team into two, some of which secured the crime scene while some were chasing the perpetrators,” he said.

Amen, the pursuit of that night was fruitless. Meanwhile, after carrying out the development, on November 6, 2020, the officers finally managed to get this information on the identity of the perpetrator and immediately gave chase.

At that time, the SA suspect was caught by the officer and admitted that he was the driver of the speedboat. He said that at that time he was driving a Speedboat with his partner Sy (DPO), who is currently still being hunted by officers.

SA then directed it to 3 bags that were previously caught by officers. At that time, there was a bag containing a type of crystal methamphetamine wrapped in Chinese green tea packaging, Guan Yin Wang, along with 1 unit of mobile phone, wallet and identity.

“From the results of the SA suspect’s interrogation. information was obtained that he was ordered by someone with the initials RA or ninja. From this information the joint operations. Team carried out case development and succeeded in securing the perpetrator with the initials RA in Bengkalis Regency,” he said.

The results of the officer’s calculations, the yellow-red bag contains 19 packs, then the black blue bag contains 18 packs and the plain black bag contains 13 packs with a total of 50 kilograms worth IDR100 billion. The perpetrator and evidence are then submitted to the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) for further processing. (MCR)

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